Mindfray Laces Hoodie

1,500 kr.

Heavy black hoodie with ‘Mindfray’ artwork and half-open sides
• 100% Heavy Organic Cotton
• ‘4thCollection’ neck embroidery
• Large embroidery at front overlapping complimentary print
• Open sides bound by long hoodie straps
• Made in Pakistan
• Male model is 187cm and is wearing a Medium

‘The Tale of Contradicting Realities’: Chapter 5
For the Social Credit System to thrive, a mechanical chip connected to the nervous system is installed in every individual. The name ‘Mind Fray’ refers to how the system can dismantle one’s life if one does not follow the rules set for society. The lacing system in the hoodie portrays the delicate balance between this system being beneficial or detrimental; if you’re at the bottom of the system, it feels tight, claustrophobic, and impossible to escape, but if you’re at the top, it can feel relaxing, welcoming, and full of opportunities

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